Hawker Fiesta

Whether you intend to organise a hawker event or simply want to add a local feel to your garden party, there is no better way of celebrating Singapore’s cultural diversity than by offering some of our local gastronomic treats like char kway teow, satay and roti prata.

Why not rent from us all the equipment you could possibly need to make your hawker event a resounding success?

To create that “old Singapore” atmosphere we have an extensive inventory of traditional items from old-fashioned ice kacang machines and drink containers for bandung and soya bean to bamboo steamers for dim sum and grills and charcoal stoves to make satay and otah.

In addition, we stock modern equipment like chillers, freezers, induction stoves, exhaust hoods, electric and gas griddles and generators, just to name a few.

Our Chinese, Malay and Indian themed stalls from which you can cook and serve iconic Singapore dishes, add a festive touch and ensure your hawker event turns out to be a huge success.

Just call for a consultation with one of our sales staff who is happy to advise you on your event.